Business Technology Relocation

Business Technology Relocation

" We cure your Facility Project Headaches Once and For All"

Innova?business relocation and moving team is consists of?a coalition of professionals with several hundred years of collective facility project experience to help you?save time,?money?and manage?headache free?office relocation or upgrades.

?Our mission is to assist you with your facility project needs from?A?to?Z.

?Do you need?Real Estate?information, building survey, comprehensive?project planning, management, cost?control, design,?and?de-& re-installations?of office furniture, equipment,?Voice, Data, surveillance,?security?and?cabling systems?

?Our Integrated services, experience, knowledge and resources can guarantee the best solutions and business?continuity?with minimum disruption and?allow you to?complete?your project?on time,?within budget?and gain more?desirable use of your time.?

Depending on the size of your need, you can?choose?from?any?of our services. Our consulting, site survey, cost estimating, and analyses are?all?free?and?with no obligation.?

Please contact us now, we will arrange a suitable time to meet you.

Knowledge is power, experience is everything, and time is the main enemy when it comes to facility projects.??Act now!??Don't let the prospect of a huge undertaking put you in a tailspin.

Corporate office relocation services for local, interstate and intrastate moves. Our primary objectives are to minimize disruption in your work flow and reduce cost .


As a result of our experience Innova Global Technology has cultivated a team of professionals who can reliably and repeatedly meet our clients' relocation requirements. ?

Our people are experts in the planning, preparation, implementation and post-move support required. ?We adhere to the same professional criteria for all our clients, large or small, which has enabled MPL to become a leader in this critical field of our service industry.

A lead Technical Analyst provides activity coordination. This person serves as the facilitator - overseeing client site surveys, preparing documentation, and ensuring our client requirements conform to technology deployment, while maintaining client policies and procedures. Addition of Technical Specialists is task dependent. These tasks may include but not be limited to:

  • Desktop Configuration and Deployment
  • Network Infrastructure Engineering and Implementation
  • Base Building Communications Design and Connectivity
For a?small business relocation?a custom team can be assembled and deployed within days of your request, and our technical project staff is prepared to assume responsibility for any or all of your technology relocation needs, including:

  • Planning – Analysts perform necessary research to establish workable project plans
  • Design –Innova ?provides solutions ranging from LAN/WAN design to desktop layout
  • Scheduling –?Innova?will work to insure proper timeframes and coordination needed for the design, construction and technology groups to perform their respective tasks
  • Implementation – Expert staff provides pre-move & move-day installation & testing
  • Post-Move – We provide "First day " support to insure complete customer satisfaction

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Commercial moves involve multiple layers of complexity, which are not always self-evident. Successful corporate relocations don't just happen. Each relocation project is a carefully orchestrated and choreographed event.

Innova offers a number of technology infrastructure relocation packages that bring end-to-end service to your moving day and beyond. Our technicians will relocate your IT facilities with minimal downtime. From a single desktop PC to a multi-site corporate relocation, the same proven relocation service is applied to transport and reconnect your company's technology components.

Relocation Services:
  • Relocation Planning
  • Complete Physical Inventory
  • Communication Room Design and Specifications
  • Document Services on Each Server
  • Coordinate Moving Schedule
?Plan Execution

  • Complete Desktop, Network and Server Disconnection and Installation
  • Validate End-to-End Connectivity
  • Relocation Management
  • Post-Move Support Services
Your Benefits
  • Save Time and Money
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Seamless Transition
  • Reduced Stress of Relocation
  • Dedication Team of Professional